Indie Games in Jeopardy

April 1, 2014

Indie gaming has become more viable recently with lower development and distribution costs available. Promotion through Steam and the use of game engines like Unreal, Unity and CryEngine have helped make this possible.


That’s the rosy view. However, game engine developers have been looking at their users and figured out that while some go on to create a viable product that they can take royalties from, most of them never do. How can revenue be made from this majority? Answer: Set a subscription only model. Now this means revenue is still gained from the few viable ones but also from everyone else, regardless of an end product or not.

While the relative low cost of this subscription shouldn’t stop indie game developers, it does take away from the single or small group users who may be put off by a year or two of subscription who don’t have any real commercial outlook for their end product.

In the early 80s/8-bit days anyone could build a game who had the know-how and time but not necessarily the money. Yet now people with no financial backing but who are talented enough to try game development are at a disadvantage.

I was hoping to see a comeback of this “anyone can make a game” days, and it did seem to be going in that direction. But with game engines looking like they’re becoming averse to the “free to use model” it may be a creeping back to just companies, small and large, left to creating these. Also the subscription model builds in a time imperative variable, as you still pay if using or not.

There are still free options out there, of course, but we could start to see those options dwindle if the subscription model becomes a better money spinner.

It sort of reminds me of TV subscription parallels, if a show gets popular it now tends to be bought up and scooped off to subscription channels which then means paying more for the same thing and most likely gets beaten to death with ads till it’s killed off. For example: Formula 1 coverage from BBC to Sky tv and going from a no-ads free show, to a subscription with ads. Not a direct comparison but has parallels of taking a good idea and trying to milk it till it becomes less than it was.

Anyway, let’s hope that there will always be a viable free option for the future so the next ‘Tetris’ creator is still out there with originality, rather than a ‘Candy Crush’ variation of an original concept.


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Where Does the Time Go?

February 25, 2014

We were reminded by one of our social networks that we have been active with them for 3 years. Well, we’d hung our shingle out long before then, so we decided to have a look at some =IcaruS= history. We pulled out some memorables since 2008, and we thought we’d share.

Our Metaverse headquarters are in our new digs in Amicus Curiae, Second Life, and we look forward to seeing more visits from our friends and neighbours. For brief descriptions, hold your mouse over the pictures. Click to see larger views, or more views where available.

2008 IcaruS House, Schwangau 2008 IcaruS Shop in Rue D'Antibes 2009 Castle in Van Bleeck
2009_ParisTheatreonParnassusSim 2009 Parnassus Bridge 2009 Parnassus Fencing
2009 Parnassus Shop 2009 Parnassus Shop, Inside 2009 Parnassus Studio 01
2010 Mayfair Shop 2010TEDx Bangkok 2010 Mesh Beta
2010 ToolsJam Nov 2010 2011 Medieval OpenSim 2011 Medieval OpenSim Cooper
2011 SL8B 2012 SL9B 2013 3D Model of Cottage
Bayeux Tapestry on Display in Second Life 2014 IcaruS Castle in Amicus Curiae 2014 UDK Landscape

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Sweet Gifts for Lovers

February 10, 2014

Time is all we have, with each other. This weekend is the most romantic time of year – sweeten it with a special gift for your loved one! We’ve multiple time zone settings available, and also watches with a single time zone setting.

Click for a larger view of the Chelsea Triton Couples Watch SetClick for a larger view of the Milan Triton Couples Watch SetClick for a larger view of the Monaco Triton and Primo Couples Watch SetsClick for a larger view of the Milan Primo Couples Watch SetClick for a larger view of the Chelsea Primo Couples Watch Set

Visit us at our NEW location in the NEW Avalon Town neighbourhood of Amicus Curiae in Second Life. You’ll find our entire line of beautifully, exquisitely made =IcaruS= watches, on display, with demos available to try before you buy.

if it is more convenient, you can also find our complete collection of couples and singles watches on the Second Life Marketplace.

Give your special someone a truly sweet virtual gift today!

=IcaruS= Couples Watch Sets


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