New IcaruS Premises

mayfairWe invite you to stop by our latest address on swanky Regent Street in the Mayfair, London SL district to enjoy eye-catching displays, subscribe to our group for gifts and updates and pick up a free demo of our fully functional, luxury, multi-time zoned watches.

=IcaruS= Luxury at Mayfair



=IcaruS= exceedingly chuffed to contribute to TEDxBKK 2010!


Our SL colleague, Chris Smith aka Shambles, was asked to speak at the first Ted Talk to be held in Thailand – knowing the type of presentation he wanted to give, he contacted Leon about helping to record and assemble the in-world portion.



Naturally, being TED fans already and with the success of previous Shambles collaborations (including the infamous ISI Mash-Up), it was fait accompli – almost ;-) With a preliminary script from Shambles in hand, we did a refresher recce (aka location scout state-side) to International Schools Island. Getting still photos to work out camera angles lead naturally to creating a storyboard for discussion. Using a range of web tools, pre-production information was securely shared thru several time zones prior to the actual shoot day. Knowing of the 18-minute “Ted commandment” for the final live presentation, it was a bit of a surprise that it took hours of recording machinima in Second Life with Shambles to get all the footage needed.

Naturally, working with Shambles always leads to impromptu tangents ;-p. With some judicious editing, we did get the Shambles footage assembled with time left for Chris to speak for the live portion in Bangkok conference. Chris also did a pre-record of his lines in order for us to get a full assembly.From his Bangkok hotel after the event, Chris happily shared with us the success of our TEDxBKK presentation!Check it out on Vimeo!OR Link to full screen HERE

Virtual Bee Gees Tribute Concert

Virtual Bee Gees Tribute Concert

Honestly, we had set out to do a photo shoot of the location for our latest store (more on that later.) We got no further than Piccadilly Circus – a sign there for the concert caught our eye…


Layla, being the sociable one and curious about what sort of crowd this region draws, spent most of the concert battling lag – machinima attempts mostly thwarted.

Which left acerbic Nyx to photo snap away – bemused by oldies music, good-natured banter and some rather remarkable avatars.

Leon made it for long enough to tease about soppy music and bust a few dance moves himself.

All in all, we’re liking virtual London – tho next time we take a break from work we might just head to the pub instead.

Full slideshow on Flickr