NEW! =I= SmartArt Lite Copy Version

April 1, 2011

A New Release

=IcaruS= HouseWe have released a COPY version of our =I= SmartArt Lite. As its name says, it’s a lightweight model of our SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame, a single prim in a slimly elegant black frame, with the following popular features of the full-version SmartArt.


- easily add by sliding images from inventory onto the face of frame (owner-only or anyone)
- cycle through pictures at a rate you set, or no cycling at all
- pre-cached pictures = no in-between blur!
- snap transitions or fade to black in between pictures
- optional full bright backlight
- resizable

=I= SmartArt Lite

You can see the =I= SmartArt Lite at =IcaruS= HQ or find it on the Second Life Marketplace.


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