An Open Invitation

July 10, 2011

Our Good and Loyal Friends…

We extend this invitation to you, to explore the castle and grounds of =IcaruS= House, our Metaverse headquarters, newly relocated to the Magna Carta sim of Avalon Town in Second Life. When you arrive, please walk through the open gates and wander at your leisure.

=IcaruS= at Magna Carta

Just inside the entrance and to your right is a photo gallery currently showing a Relay for Life of Second Life retrospective, available for donations with all proceeds going to RFL, of course – to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Gifts free for the taking are on the patio opposite the gallery – please enjoy with our compliments.

We also boast a showcase of art and information management tools to enhance your virtual life in new and better ways. Our products can be found throughout the castle and on the Marketplace, all designed to let you become a true global citizen in real and virtual worlds: better connected and multi-zoned.

As you meander through the castle, you’ll find on display some featured pieces of 3D art and textiles from the minds and fingertips of some of our creative friends.

Perhaps you’d like to have a bit of fun? Curl up in an armchair in our pub behind the castle. Enjoy a tankard of good ale or a glass of fine wine with friends whilst throwing a few rounds of darts. Have a play with the games upstairs. On the top level of the castle the En Garde fencing piste is open for all to use. You can also relax in the pavilion or the treehouse beyond the hedge, even on the dock at the water’s edge.

While this may be a special invitation, please know that you are always welcome to visit us – do drop by now ’n’ then and say hello!


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