Add a Bit of Gruesome Fun to Your Virtual Halloween!

October 20, 2011

With the chilly, ghoulish and creepy fun of Halloween Night approaching, we’re sharing a little bit of news to scare you all (not really!). Our =IcaruS= Graveyard Set has been updated with three new gravestones.

One is a Celtic Cross with the Celtic knot patterns everyone loves – you can even see for whom this particular one was carved. The other two stones are traditional shaped, similar to the others in the set, except one has an open-book engraving and the other sports a three-sided harvest themed carving. Both are weathered and stained, clearly showing great age, and with their fog and sound effects, they’ll be a delightfully spoooOOOoooky addition to any virtual graveyard setting.

You can see them in situ at =IcaruS= House, Metaverse Headquarters and buy them on the Second Life Marketplace. Find us on the Second Life Destination Guide.

Note – the gravestones and crypts are also sold separately.

We love it when residents show us how they’re using our products by sending us pictures – our seasonal offerings are no exception. After you’ve placed your graveyard set, do send us a snapshot – we’d love to see what you do with it!

Get ready for Halloween!

=IcaruS= Graveyard Set=IcaruS= Celtic Cross Gravestone
=IcaruS= Gravestone with Book Etching=IcaruS= Gravestone with Harvest Carving

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