Direct to You…from =IcaruS=

With LL’s recent announcement of the Direct Delivery launch on the Second Life Marketplace, we (very reluctantly) thought it best to follow suit and convert our Marketplace store listings. The previous conversion from the XStreet SL to the Second Life Marketplace was inordinately painful, as was one upgrade to the Marketplace system which had us re-listing each of our 80+ products, one at a time. It’s safe to say we weren’t looking forward to this latest ‘enhancement’ from Linden Lab. Thank goodness for small mercies.

Converting to Direct DeliveryConversion Done!

We must admit the conversion process was remarkably easy and quite painless, even with the occasional slow response times on the SL Marketplace website. It took us less than three hours total, helped greatly by the instructions in a Second Life video Tutorial by the always helpful Torley Linden. As we switched each product from Magic Box to Direct Delivery, we noted the new “Use It Now” section seen on each product page on the Marketplace. Test Delivery was successful in each case, and actual purchases have been reassuringly trouble-free.

Use It Now on Converted Page

We anticipate your experience with Directly Delivery will be smoother and more convenient – when you purchase something from our shoppe on the SL Marketplace, it is delivered into your Received Items in a folder, all ready to use – there’s no need to rez and unpack purchases from boxes. Then you can drag the folder from Received Items to the desired place in your inventory, and rez or wear the product as usual.

It is important to note that you will need to be using the latest version of your viewer of choice – whether it’s the SL Viewer or a Third Party Viewer (TPV) like Firestorm or Phoenix with the current codebase.

In our opinion, this enhancement to the SL Marketplace is actually beneficial for both merchants and customers. Visit our shoppe and try it for yourself! We do still keep our inworld store at =IcaruS= Metaverse HQ in Magna Carta, Avalon Town.