A Place in the Sun

May 9, 2012

We’ve had some things at =IcaruS= House and grounds that people found and asked, “Do you sell this…?” To our surprise, the gazebo in the gardens behind the castle was one of them. We originally built this just for our crew to sit together for chat sessions when the mood struck – we all like the outdoors, why not have a gazebo for a meeting room? It is SL, after all.

=IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse

There are so many ways to furnish this – add flowerboxes or a railing, hang pots of ivy, add some adirondack chairs with comfy cushions. We like the ring of cushions on a rug (by MudHoney’s – great furniture products) and the =IcaruS= Star Table for a nice, sort of relaxed environment for tossing about ideas and just chilling. We’ve made sure the permissions are mod/copy for you to add your own personal touches.

Sunset View =IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse=IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse=IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse Roof

The =IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse is now for sale, and you can get it either in situ (just walk through to the gardens behind the castle), in our Metaverse Headquarters Shoppe (inside the castle) in Second Life, or you can find it on the SL Marketplace. You can also find the matching =IcaruS= Star Table, which gives off a lovely glow at night from a light within, on the SL Marketplace as well as inworld at the =IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse, and in the Metaverse Headquarters Shoppe, inside the castle.

=Icarus= Star Table Side View=IcaruS= Star Table Top View

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