SL9B: Party at the Weekend

June 22, 2012

Friday is here – and everyone at SL9B is bracing for the rush of avatars. The initial opening of Second Life’s 9th Birthday on Monday was a massive lagfest for the first few hours, but once the lag settled down, people began to enjoy themselves. With the arrival of the weekend, we expect the lag to spike somewhat then ease, as usual. There is no shortage of things to see, such variety in the more than 400 exhibits there, all kinds of music and entertainment that there is surely something for everyone to enjoy, and the party doesn’t end until Sunday.

Our exhibit has had quite a number of visitors, with some also coming to our Metaverse Headquarters. If you have not seen this biggest resident-run virtual street party, we encourage you to visit.

A Small View of SL9B
This is an aerial view of a small portion of the huge,
20-sim street party known as SL9B.

See more pictures from our SL9B collection on Flickr.


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