SL9B: The Best and Biggest Yet

June 29, 2012

Second Life’s 9th Birthday party officially ended last night, with the sights and sounds of crashing and tinkling prims punctuated by laughter as exhibitors exploded their builds. Yes, exploded. Many of us took our exhibits, lifted them up nice and high, and let ‘em fall. Farewell, SL9B.

Holocluck Henly Takes Down His Exhibit

By the time we tore down our exhibit, we had had about 400 visitors to our exhibit, many of whom came through to our Metaverse Headquarters and home in Magna Carta, Avalon Town. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of uses that visitors found for our =I= NetConnect demo. One resident showed links from Facebook to online books – an unexpected twist that shows the flexibility of this device beyond the ways in which people shared connections to their communities during the week. So many different communities were represented – music, art, technology, roleplaying groups, Faeries, Goths, even petites – such is the nature of Second Life’s communities. See our Flickr collection of snapshots from SL9B.

Our iSkye volunteered during the festivities. She and an army of her fellow SL9B Greeters not only passed out gifts at the Welcome Hub, but also bounced among the stages, tossing party favours to anyone who asked – or pounced. The announced “open seasons” on Greeters were all in good fun and helped overcome the grumbles about the inevitable lag.

Post-event Rest for the SL9B Greeters

So, farewell, SL9B, what a great party it was! Thanks to our community for making it happen. Thanks to the Lab for SL itself. Let’s look forward to many more celebrations to come.


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