A ‘Bum’ Gift to Share With Your Friends

Poor Santa’s had a few too many mince pies and got himself stuck in the chimney! Our version of the Jolly Old Elf gives a “toot” you can see and hear, then a gift when you touch him on the bum. It’s called the =Icarus= Farty Christmas. Square or round chimney, it doesn’t matter, our Santa’s still stuck!

These are the newest additions to our line of virtual holiday decorations we’ve created in Second Life, including our toy train set, stuffed Christmas stockings, and other things. To get ideas of other gifts for friends and lovers, have a look under the “Related Posts.”

=IcaruS= Toy Train=IcaruS= Christmas Stockings

Drop by =IcaruS= House anytime! You will find demos of our newest product, the =IcaruS= Farty Christmas, just inside the main gate; it’s available to purchase there or on the Second Life Marketplace.

Our castle is your castle – explore the grounds, play a game, take a little sail in the rowboat, even round up a few friends to play on the rooftop fencing pistes.


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