A Grave Matter: Hallowe’en Decorating

This week, we follow on our last post with five gravestones to decorate your virtual yard, giving it that fun touch of gleeful Hallowe’en gruesomeness.

One gravestone is a popular favourite, in the shape of a Celtic Cross, emblazoned with Celtic knot symbols on the front, casting a lovely authentic grace and sense of peace over the final resting places of virtual spirits long gone. The other four are similar in shape, but with different carvings on the front of each and added effects.

=IcaruS= Celtic Cross Gravestone
Gravestone with Book Etching=Icarus= Gravestone with Harvest Etching

The four other gravestones will add Gothic elegance and ambiance to your castle or cemetery and are scripted with an eerie fog and spooky, ghostly sound effects (both controllable). They will add perfect atmosphere for those with a morbid sense of humour. A perch pose on top invites photo opportunities as you or your guests contemplate the season.

Consider these gravestones decorate for your next virtual Hallowe’en celebration!

You can see these in our graveyard in world at =IcaruS= House, and either purchase them in situ or through the Second Life Marketplace, links listed below.

=IcaruS= Celtic Cross Gravestone
=IcaruS= Aged Gravestone with Flowers and Ivy
=IcaruS= Aged Gravestone with Angel & Willow
=IcaruS= Aged Gravestone with Book Etching
=IcaruS= Gravestone with 3-sided Harvest Bounty Carving

Don’t forget to check out the annual virtual world celebration called BURN2, one of many regional locations of Burning Man in the world, BUT the only one authorised to burn the Man. It opens Saturday 20 October at 12:00 PM Pacific, and runs through midnight on the 28th, featuring more than 40 performers and DJs in several music venues and over 1000 participating builders, five special invited artists, daily Lamplighter processions, Man Burns, Temple Burns and much, much more.


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