Multimedia in the Metaverse

IcaruS is a team of developers of multimedia and machinima in the metaverse and virtual worlds including Second Life and OpenSim. Creating 2D and 3D digital products, previsualisation services and solutions for business, education and entertainment production and enabling global collaboration in cross-platform social networks.


We have a skilled freelance team for specialised work, with over 30 years experience in various industries including film, television, Graphic design, 3D and Multimedia:

  • multimedia developers conversant with a multitude of software packages
  • diverse skills allowing custom designs and interfaces for your products
  • web design and programming
  • multimedia
  • 3D: modeling, digital video effects, animation and editing, cinematography
  • 2D: graphics, logo design, editing, photography
  • marketing & business branding


We deliver rich multimedia products over a broad range:

  • print, digital video (pre and post production) and website graphics for marketing
  • 3D rendered graphic scenes: walkthroughs and product visualisations
  • VR panoramas – 360° animations from photographs or a 3D environment
  • 3D animations – to demonstrate or exemplify situations not possible through normal means
  • 3D scripted objects
  • virtual world site builds, landscaping, and textures
  • CGI effects and introductions for film and television, as well as for corporate events, educational and other presentations, and advertising productions
  • Machinima
  • Video and audio post production
  • Fully interactive CDs or DVDs
  • Most of our video products are available on DVD; we also create custom DVDs to meet your needs
  • We have produced DVD/CD-ROM products for many clients  – Environment Agency, LearnDirect/UFI, BEL labs

We also can provide you with virtual interactive environments:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Presentation auditoriums or theatres
  • Educational event settings
  • Simulations of real-world settings in virtual worlds for tourism, business and education
  • Script editing, props, set builds, coding, filming, editing and delivery mediums for various platforms

These virtual interactive environments are an ideal, cost-effective solution for meetings, events and demonstrations held by entities with a global presence.

A multinational corporation can have virtual meeting rooms custom designed and built to bring together staff located in offices as far apart as San Francisco, Sydney and London.

On a virtual campus we build to specifications, a group of graduate students at a university in Houston, Texas, USA can collaborate on projects with students at a sister university in Bonn, Germany.

We create environments in which you can dynamically and interactively deliver your message in real time, and get things done.

Above all, we deliver cost-effective, personal service from conception to end product.

“Why Icarus?”
you ask, “Didn’t he crash?”

“Well, maybe…” we reply…
Short Answer:
Because he inspires our imagination.

IcaruS Feather

Longer Answer:

Myths and legends serve many purposes – and have many variations. Each tries to arrive at some truth through communication. The Icarus story tells of a man who flew like a bird to escape a labyrinth then plunged into the sea. In medieval times it became a morality tale, warning those who might reach beyond their place in society. With magical internet powers, we can now look further back in time and read that the Roman Ovid in Book VIII of Metamorphoses tells of the earlier flying Greeks using a word whose meaning is closer to “bold/audacious” and there is our clew.

Fast forward to today. Clearly the dream of flying did not go down. It soars through technology – in da Vinci’s doodles on flying machines to the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to Virgin Galactic’s current plans. The same inspiration dances through media from the Hebrew prophet Elijah’s Chariot of Fire to Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince to Pixar’s Up.

The fate of Icarus is alive and well today and to give things (yet another) twist, one Greek version of his story tells that the invention was actually a sail for a boat which he used to sail off to the idyllic island of Ikaria.

Be Inspired.

IcaruS Feather