Multimedia Producer

IcaruS - Co-Founder/Producer Metaverse Developer

Virtual world creator and lead developer including creator of =IcaruS= Realms Virtual worlds in the metaverse.

Producing services and goods for the internet based blended reality company; marketing and maintaining the =IcaruS= brand via main company website, within Second Life and globally across the metaverse.

Services Include: producing, recording and editing multimedia, film, machinima, video, audio; 3D rendered modeling and animation; virtual terraforming, landscaping, set building, urban and rural planning; creating 2D graphics, logos and textures; programming, code optimization; 3rd party product vending, tutorials on many aspects of virtual worlds.

Product range examples: functionally coded multi-time zone watches and clocks, smart digital frame displays, lighting, working vehicles, props, clothing, ‘sculpties’, furniture items, animations/poses, textures, seasonal items, custom scripts

NCmultimedia - Freelance Multimedia Artist/Developer

NCmultimedia Style books/branding, logo design, DVD/CDrom authoring, Shockwave (Director),Flash products, programming in various languages (including: C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, Java, Java Script, Perl, Lingo, LSL), 3D models, animation, visual effects for TV/film/web, photographed and 3D generated interactive panoramas, video editing, titling, audio and visual effects, product pre-visualisation, graphic manipulation, 2D graphics, photography


– Website and social network consultant
– Provided 3D pre-visualization renderings and machinima for project in-development

Selected Clients

EEU Government funded projects, Huddersfield University, Envirowise,, Environment Agency, Brixham Labs, Astrazeneca, Cloverleaf Group Ltd, Wedgewood , designhaus Design Consultants, Johnson Bros (potters), NEC, Indata, Sigma, Vox Humana, Rolls Royce, ICI, Learndirect, ROCOM, Australian Commodore and Amiga Review

Work Included: 3D product visualization for internet, DVD/CDrom, video, awareness promotion, interactive learning materials, viability assessment, event coverage, consultancy

Participant and Contributor to:

Previous Employment

Multimedia Developer, Shot in the Dark 2001 – Aug 2005
Specialising in producing a unique range of off-the-shelf environmental training materials
Responsible for creating/developing and maintaining the company web site; part of outside broadcast crew and vox pops; store front development; client liaison and solution provider; marketing strategy contributor; authoring and producing interactive DVD/CD-ROMs and web material for clients; creating and editing multimedia special effects and 3D animation for video; VR post production walkthroughs; still photography; graphics and logo design for printed materials; providing hardware/network and software installation and support for fellow employees.

Freelance 3D Visualisation Artist 1999 – Jun 2001
3D product pre-visualisation from blueprint and some projects remotely exclusively via the Internet; animation, panoramics, walkthroughs and 3D video work for various companies; working unsupervised to deadlines and set specifications

Courtaulds Textiles, Chemicals & Plastics 1986 – 1995
Supervisor/Chargehand, Head Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer
Starting as a Trainee Mechanic, learned pneumatic, electrical and mechanical engineering, control pneumatics, pneumatic and mechanical robotics, electrical maintenance and general engineering skills.

As Head Mechanic, work included machinery maintenance and efficiency assessment, installing and maintaining computer monitoring equipment, I made various modifications to machinery to improve operational efficiency resulting in a nomination for an award in Innovative Design.

Supervising tasks included overseeing/work allocation of machine operatives, producing documentation for attendance, evaluation, quality control and production reports fault-diagnosis in addition to liaising between management and workforce.


University of Huddersfield 1996 – Jul 2000

Interactive Multimedia – BA (Hons)

This full time 4 year degree incorporated many varied subjects already building on my existing skills, the following modules gave me additional experience and qualification:

Video Post-production.
Principles of Computers.
Virtual Reality.
Cognitive Psychology.
Computer Assisted Learning.
Interactive Media Design.
Psychology of Computing.
Web Development & Management.
Design for Human Computer Interaction.
Digital Audio
Screen Design.
Media Technologies.
Electronic Imaging.
Video Production.
Business Studies.
Marketing Media.
Web Programming.
Digital Video.
Groupware & Co-op Work.
Authoring Interactive Media.
Creating Software (Pascal and Lingo).
3D Modeling & Animation.
Writing & Designing Documentation­.
Legal & Professional Issues.
Information Systems Modeling.
Systems Planning & Management.
Interactive Media Production.
Writing Training Materials.
Problem Solving & Communica­tion Skills.

Castle Training, Oldham 1992 – Jan 1995

While at Castle Training I coded in various languages and undertook microelectronics projects, computer maintenance and upgrades. In my spare time I designed and built my own multi-platform PC (Windows/Mac/Amiga), including custom-built circuits. I also continued with my own 3D Modeling, Video and photography projects while studying.

NVQ 3 Analogue Circuits & Fault Diagnosis
NVQ 3 Digital Electronics
NVQ 3 Electronic Printer Maintenance
NVQ 3 Microelectronics
NVQ 3 Systems Analysis
NVQ 3 Data Processing
NVQ 3 Microsoft C
NVQ 2 Program Design Techniques
NVQ 1 Computers & Computing

Breeze Hill Secondary School

Physics GCSE or equivalent: O Level
Biology GCSE or equivalent: O Level
Geography GCSE or equivalent: O Level
Maths GCSE or equivalent: CSE 2
English GCSE or equivalent: CSE 2

Multimedia Skills

I have many years experience with a variety of multimedia software over several platforms. Below are some of the software and systems in my skillset:

3D Studio MAX
Cosmo Worlds
Viewpoint Technology
Windows 3.1-Vista
Amiga OS
Mac OS
C & C++
Corel PhotoPaint
Corel Draw
Powerpoint/MS Office