Add a Little Atmosphere This Hallowe’en

At the end of October comes Hallowe’en, a favourite time at =IcaruS= – frost in the air and cider to warm us. How do you celebrate this in your virtual lives?

If you’re looking for what will give your place just the right amount of spookiness, consider the =IcaruS= Graveyard Set with crypts, and gravestones, pictured above. You can pose on the gravestones and on/in the crypts for selfies. The ghostly ambiance of eerie fog permeates the graveyard and adds a delicious Gothic gloom to the place.

You can purchase these items by clicking on the pictures in the slideshow above, or via these links to our shop on the Second Life Marketplace.

=IcaruS= Graveyard Set / =IcaruS= Celtic Cross Gravestone / =IcaruS= Gravestone with Book Etching
=IcaruS= Harvest Bounty Gravestone / =IcaruS= Crypt with Skulls (#1) / =IcaruS= Heraldic Tomb (#2)

Consider also two other gravestones to complete your graveyard set: the ==IcaruS== Aged Gravestone with Angel & Willow and the ==IcaruS== Aged Gravestone with Flowers and Ivy. And, for even more Gothic goodness, we have the =IcaruS= Paris Street Lamp Set.

Happy Hallowe’en!


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