An =IcaruS= New Year

As Father Time moves in his inexorable way, timepieces in all worlds continue their forward march. We use clocks to keep track of all sorts of things: time of day, appointments, tasks to be done. Virtual clocks track time, too. At =IcaruS= our clocks can do it in three time zones at once!

=IcaruS= Wall Clock

Both elegant furniture piece and efficient machine – displaying three time zones, date and iconic symbols for AM/PM – fully controllable gentle background ticking and quarterly chimes add a comfortable aural ambiance. The lustrous ebonized wood finish of the cabinet serves as a striking contrast to brass and steel accents. Each clock has two colour styles: a subtle silver/steel on black or a striking gold/brass on black. Powerful, efficient scripting insures all hands and dials are fully functional. Even more remarkable is the unique auto-positioning gridiron pendulum. The pendulum on the =IcaruS= Wall Clock spins gently in one direction, then the other; our Longcase Pendulum Clock’s pendulum swings from side to side.

=IcaruS= Longcase Pendulum Clock

You will love how you can know the time in three different places on the same device. Keep track of SL time, your own RL time, and another time zone – perhaps that of a special someone in your life.

Celebrate the passage of time from one year to the next with =IcaruS=. We’re famous for the quality of our timepieces. Get one of the =IcaruS= clocks and watch as midnight strikes in each of three time zones – and let the wild bells ring out!

Find the =IcaruS= Wall Clock and =IcaruS= Longcase Pendulum Clock on the Second Life Marketplace along with our other fine products.

Wherever/however you celebrate, in real or virtual worlds, we at =IcaruS= (in three different time zones, and in SL, RL, and =IcaruS= RealmS!) wish you a very…



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