New Exhibit in =IcaruS= Art Gallery

Our new photography exhibit opening today features the work of LeonTubrok Beaumont, owner of =IcaruS=, highlighting Winter Scenes in RL and SL. High resolution digital files are available on request.

=Winter Gallery

Blackpool Illuminations

These images highlight an internationally famous lights festival held every autumn since September of 1879 in Blackpool, a seaside resort in the North West of England. Sunset on the beach builds anticipation for the impending light display. The tramway (one of the first in the world) runs along the promenade and features a fleet of brightly decorated trams in a variety of themes.

Eden Project

The Eden Project is a charity and social enterprise in Cornwall that provides a variety of social and environmental projects geared to transform the world through education and demonstration. The photographs show the biodomes, including the world’s largest greenhouse that contains thousands of the world’s plant species. Visiting tropical and Mediterranean environments in the deep of winter in the UK is a treat.

York Minster – Winter Night

A Gothic cathedral found in Yorkshire, UK, York Minster is one of the grand cathedrals of the world and a destination for visitors from all across the globe. The site has housed a church there since AD 71. It evokes an eerie awe when viewed against the inky tapestry of a winter night.

Snowy Walk

These images depict rare scenes of natural beauty in deep snow on the public walks of the Greater Manchester area of Lancashire, UK.

Relay for Life of Second Life

In the Second Life component of Relay for Life which is held every year in July, hundreds of thousands of dollars (US) have been raised for the cause by participants hailing from 30 countries. Here we feature selections of images from the winter portion of the 2011 RFL of SL.

To display your photographic art in your virtual setting, get one of the fine image display products from =IcaruS=:

When you visit the =IcaruS= Art Gallery in Avalon Town in Second Life, you will land just outside the main entrance. Simply walk through the open gate; the gallery entrance will be on your right. Afterward, we hope you’ll take a moment to note the Art Galleries of SL and rate us. We also have a b-places kiosk on the opposite side of the main entrance – we’d appreciate a vote as well. Enjoy!

=IcaruS= House Main Entrance=IcaruS= House Gallery Entrance

Burn2: The Man Returns

About this time every year in Second Life, we celebrate the SL version of the RL Burning Man festival, with virtual counterparts for the Temple, Lamplighters, music stages, even the names of some of the places, like Deep Hole.

While the landspace is much smaller this year with only four sims, the builds at Burn2 have not lost any of the creativity – there are some interesting and wildly varied creations to be seen there, be sure and take some time to visit! You can get there by looking in the Second Life Destination Guide.

=IcaruS= went to visit Burn2. To see some of our pictures of this popular destination, click on the picture below.

=IcaruS= Visits Burn2

Product Comparison: CyberSlide vs. SmartArt Lite

Since we released the CyberSlide, we’ve had inquiries about what is the difference from our SmartArt products. Each is uniquely useful, although features do overlap somewhat. Both were designed with versatility in mind, for use in a variety of settings, from home to office to classroom and even entertainment venue.

The =I= SmartArt Lite is a simplified version of the full-featured =I= SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame. While the =I= CyberSlide could certainly be used as a simple slideshow or picture frame, it excels as a presentation aid with each picture able to give out a different item.

Below are the specific features of each product.



=I= CyberSlide
=I= CyberSlide, showing given item
=I= SmartArt Lite
=I= SmartArt Lite
• easily add images – drag & drop from inventory
• optional shared administration of contents or owner only
• set to slideshow mode or navigate forward/backward manually
• toggle navigation control – owner only or anyone
• option to set user-defined timed cycle in slideshow mode
• can give image, landmark, notecard or object on clicking a picture
• resizable
• lets you easily add images by drag & drop
• optional lock to owner only or allow any to add images
• option to set to automatic user-specified timed cycle mode or not
• optional sequential or shuffle display mode
• features sharp transitions using pre-caching (no more transition blur)
• lets you choose to snap transitions or fade to black between images
• gives you the option to show with or without a backlight
• sleek, modern black frame
• resizable

The full-featured =I= SmartArt includes additional features over the Lite model:

  • different frame style options – woods, metals
  • choice of landscape or portrait orientations
  • size choices ranging from tabletop to marquee
  • choice of transition styles – snap, colour fade or logo fade

If you’d like a closer look at these products, you can find them at =IcaruS= HQ.

You can also use the following links to purchase them (products are delivered in-world):
=I= CyberSlide on SL Marketplace
=I= SmartArt Lite on SL Marketplace

For a full listing of our products, visit the =IcaruS= shoppe on the Second Life Marketplace.

=IcaruS= Art Gallery: The French Riviera

We have a new exhibit opening today with a selection from the photography of LeonTubrok Beaumont, owner of =IcaruS=, featuring the famed French Riviera.

Leon regularly stays there attending many conferences, exhibitions, and events such as Imagina, the Cannes festivals and Formula 1 races and has photographed the region in all seasons over the years.

This exhibit showcases a range of greater and lesser known landmarks and highlights the prolific artistic content to be found throughout the region. The Riviera has attracted artists ranging from Pablo Picasso to Johnny Depp. With this exhibit, we portray the contemporary and historical contrasts from a small selection of Leon’s extensive collection.

=IcaruS= Art Gallery=IcaruS= Art Gallery

Also known as the Côte d’Azur (Azure Coast in English), the region’s French name has its origin in the lovely azure blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea. This 560-mile stretch of Mediterranean coastline in southeastern France, including the sovereign state of Monaco, has a population of over two million. The Grand Prix racetrack, considered the crown jewel of Formula 1, is comprised entirely of Monaco city streets. This is a major annual attraction for motorsport enthusiasts. The marina hosts yachts and watercraft from many parts of the world.

When you come to visit the =IcaruS= Art Gallery in Avalon Town in Second Life, you will land just outside the main entrance. We hope you’ll take a moment to note the Art Galleries of SL and rate us after you have had a chance to peruse. Simply walk through the open gate; the doors to the gallery will be to your right – enjoy!

=IcaruS= House Entrance

Relay for Life of Second Life – A Really Short Synopsis

Virtual interactions can have powerful, positive results. The Relay for Life in Second Life is amazing proof. This year, we’re proud to be a part of the Knights of Avalon team – and we plan to write more on that as we head into the key event. In the meantime, just in case there are a few out there who aren’t yet familiar, we want to share a few facts and sources that inspire us:

=IcaruS= at RFL
Click HERE to see our impressions from previous Relays.
  • In 1985, a doctor with a passion for marathons chose to raise money for his local American Cancer Society by running around a track for 24 hours – he raised $27,000 dollars to fight cancer and raise awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.
  • Twenty years later (2005), The New York Times published an article noting that more than $1.5 billion had been raised through Relay events as of then but the focus of this story was about a virtual Relay run simultaneously in Second Life – actually in it’s second year – and also webcast (way back in the Middle Ages of the internet.)
  • Each year since from mid-March to mid-July, virtual teams have worked with local teams of patients, survivors, caregivers and supporters hosting events and raising funds and awareness. All leading up to the 24-hour Relay itself. Teams set up themed campgrounds around the track in anticipation. On the day that launches the overnight event, teams coordinate to have at least member on the track at all times with each lap having it’s own theme.

In SL as in RL, this experience has become something that spans the globe – it makes a true difference in a real financial sense (hundreds of thousands of dollars raised – thru micro-payments!) – but the most powerful thing is the community learning to share laughter, tears, learning and healing.

While annual virtual events like the SL Birthdays and Burns are awesome to experience, when doubt is raised about quantifiable, effective changes that can be seen from Second Life, it is the Relay we look to for true inspiration.

For further information and history:
The American Cancer Society RFL of SL Page
The Second Life Wiki RFL of SL Page

For current information:
The Relay for Life of Second Life Blog
The Relay for Life of Second Life Twitter