For Warmth and For Remembrance

With the arrival of nippy autumn air comes Hallowe’en, parties and bonfires. Leaves are turning colours and swirling on the wind. Some cringe to think of the work raking those leaves into piles for disposal, while children delight in jumping onto those very piles. Hallowe’en chill in the air also brings parties to celebrate the occasion, featuring steaming mugs of mulled cider, s’mores made from toasted marshmallows browned – or blackened – by the flames of a crackling bonfire.

For your celebration, we offer this fantastic virtual bonfire, with flames and smoke, and including the optional Guy effigy. Add some fireworks and celebrate in true fashion!

=IcaruS= Guy Fawkes Bonfire

The bonfire is also ideal for celebrating Bonfire Night, to burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes, the mastermind of the infamous failed plot to blow up Parliament in the 17th century. Consider the bonfire pictured above and available on the =IcaruS= Second Life Marketplace shop. You can also find many other delightful virtual products for your celebration needs including our Chimnea as an alternative to a bonfire.


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