Half Price Watches at =IcaruS= HQ

In December 2013, we relocated to our current address in Amicus Curiae. We go into 2015 with a further change. While the address stays the same, we have a new layout of the grounds, with the two main buildings closer together on one parcel. A special note to our Icarians: our very popular watches, including the Triton line of couple watch sets, sell inworld for half the Second Life Marketplace prices.

Traffic patterns showed visitors entering the =IcaruS= Parthenon Gallery first, then =IcaruS= Castle, where our products were on display. This prompted us to switch the placement of the two buildings. We kept the =IcaruS= Graveyard and placed it at the back near the Castle, and the garden is at front left of the Gallery.

=IcaruS= January 2015

When you arrive, you will find yourself standing on a path just a few steps left of our often visited gallery, which is home to our replica of the famous Bayeux Tapestry. Ahead of you, the path leads to the wide-open doors of =IcaruS= House with its distinctive clock tower. The new floor plan is simple and open. With no more gate, and the doors flung wide open, it is easy to walk in.

A vendor stands at the centre of the large main room, featuring our best-selling products, the Triton and Primo lines of watches, set at half-price for inworld customers.

Vendors for our other products are found throughout both levels, on the walls and the floor. If you are a fencing enthusiast, come to the roof of the Castle by way of the spiral staircases tucked into the towers, and enjoy a match or two on our En Garde piste. Come and play, come and stay awhile.


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