At =IcaruS=, February Is For Lovers

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! To celebrate, we are offering our =IcaruS= couples watch sets on sale at 50 percent off our regular price – if purchased from the vendor at the shoppe in our castle at Magna Carta, Avalon Town. The same items sell at their regular prices on our shoppe on the Second Life Marketplace. Below you’ll see a list of the different his & hers watch sets we have available and their prices.

=IcaruS= Monaco Triton Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$1000
Marketplace: L$2000
=IcaruS= Milan Triton Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$750
Marketplace: L$1500
=I= Chelsea Triton Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$625
Marketplace: L$1250
=IcaruS= Monaco Primo Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$700
Marketplace: L$1400
=IcaruS= Milan Primo Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$500
Marketplace: L$1000
=IcaruS= Chelsea Primo Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$400
Marketplace: L$800

Which set is right for you?
Each style – Monaco, Milan and Chelsea – has unique style characteristics; we have styles to suit almost any taste, from the ultimate in luxury to easy casual. See all three styles on the vendor at our castle for a closer look before you decide.

Additionally, you have a choice between the Primo and Triton models. The difference between the two is that the Primo watches show you the time in the wearer’s part of the world; the Triton watches can tell time in up to three zones! For those lovers in different time zones, this is especially desirable.

Come and See Our Watches
When you come to our castle to see the watches, you’ll land just outside the main gate. Once you’ve rezzed, walk through the gate, up the curved stairway and through the main entrance, then inside you’ll see a glass case with a display of our watches.

=IcaruS= House Main GateStairs to Main Entrance at =IcaruS==IcaruS= Shoppe Watch Vendor

Imagine the delight of your sweetheart when you present a beautiful matching pair of watches as a gift this Valentine’s Day – we are sure you will both love wearing and using them!


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