Medieval in the Metaverse

Photos from one of our current OpenSim projects (a medieval village) and reflections on a “typical” day in the metaverse.

We love experiencing and recreating history in the metaverse. Last year at this time we had been hired to re-create Belle Epoque Paris in Second Life. Since then we’ve continued to explore and develop other virtual 3D platforms, re-vamped our website and cautiously waded into the live streams of Facebook and Twitter. Ironically, in embracing OpenSim we have found ourselves more social then when just in SL. For us, the only constant is change.

Today was a perfect example. Checking our shared To Do list. Exporting more of our elements from SL. Creating new items in Cinema4D and Photoshop. Looking in on network streams. Actually remembering to attend a meeting (the HyperGrid Adventurers Club visiting Mal Burns Estates on ReactionGrid. We still want to leave you a gift of smiles, Mal – we’ll be back!) A tussle with a borked Viewer. A fencing duel with a robot. (The En Garde piste at our SL headquarters is our virtual water cooler.) Then back to OS to forge new items on our newly minted anvil. Yes – doing an historical build in OS is more challenging than in SL – as is maintaining our own grid but at the end of the day – there is satisfaction.

(If you missed our Paris build, some of our public machinimas of that can be found HERE and HERE and photographs HERE )


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