=IcaruS= Lucky 13 Hunt Hints

oooOOOooo Ghouls and Ghosts, welcome to our Lucky 13 Hunt!

At =IcaruS=, we work hard and we like to play, too. Come and play with us! We won’t bite (well, not hard).

Our hunt spans two parcels in SL, the Castle and the Gardens:

=IcaruS= HQ Main Gate=IcaruS= Gardens

You’ll start the hunt at the =IcaruS= HQ Main Gate, but we’ll not leave you without help! So, without further ado – from now through 31 October – come, hunt and find our gifts, then stay awhile to to make new friends and enjoy the peace and quiet at our castle! The hints to help you along are below. Happy Halloween!

  • Hint #1:
    Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast;
    But where art pleases the eye, there gift 2 is at least.
  • Hint #2:
    Travel higher to see the train;
    find the box, it looks the same.
  • Hint #3:
    Take a few steps and rest your boots,

    look to the left and see the roots,
    The flying fish will point the way
    and find your gift, you’re on your way.
  • Hint #4:
    Back downstairs to take in the view;
    See the woman pouring water for you.
  • Hint #5:
    Back inside to maybe sit and read;
    Early animination is the clue you need.
  • Hint #6:
    The Zoetrope is fun but you need to run;
    Sit out in the shade and rest your bum.
    Look up to the sky,
    And see your gift high.
  • Hint #7:
    Go to the dock to sit, swim or sail…
    Don’t fall in finding your next tale!
  • Hint #8:
    Find this grave
    and you’ll have something to save.
  • Hint #9:
    Beyond the graveyard, up in a tree
    that’s the place you want to be!
  • Hint #10:
    In a place that catches the sun,
    Throwing a pot can be fun.
  • Hint #11:
    This Rose gives no scent,
    But below, a gift for you is meant.
  • Hint #12:
    The Rose is the place for fun we hear,
    Can go up top and play the games with good cheer;

    Hit a mole, shoot a phrase,
    Or play darts, it’s all the craze.

    But your thirteenth gift is not the usual box,
    It’s filled from what’s normally in stock.

    So, please stay and have a drink on us,
    We welcome you, friends, to House IcaruS!

  • Hint #13: (You did it! Congratulations!)
    Now you have found all 13 of our gifts, but that’s not all there is to do here!

    We have the gallery with our collection of art photography, a display of the most interesting and curious things of 3D upstairs in the opposite wing.

    Our pavilion with the peacock and a place to sit and chill, and behind are found free items for the newer visitors.

    All of our items for sale are found throughout the castle and gardens, from watches and clocks to social networking boards.

    For a bit of fun and a light diversion, we have the fencing game on the roof of the castle as well as the games in the pub.

    In the gardens you can sit in the treehouse or at the Chimnea, chat in the gazebo or laze on the dock. Also, at the dock, clicking on the boat will rez a sailboat for you to use, to explore other parts of Avalon Town or you can just have a swim round by clicking the blue ball in the water.


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