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January 26, 2012

If you come to visit =IcaruS= House in Magna Carta, Avalon Town, you will see a new building on our property. It’s the =IcaruS= Parthenon Art Gallery building. Situated on the hill overlooking the river, the Neo-classical style building will be used as a virtual classroom and art gallery by students at SUNY-New Paltz, under the guidance of their professor, Nana Chingseng.

=IcaruS= Parthenon Gallery, View from Castle=IcaruS= Parthenon Gallery, View from River=IcaruS= Parthenon Gallery, Inside

Since we are located in a community of artists, we want to show our support for the arts and encourage students to explore the creative expression possibilities of a 3D virtual world. The students may put on an exhibition toward the end of their semester. Watch for news about that in a few weeks – the display will be open to the public.

There are a number of excellent in-world teaching aids available. We have one, the =IcaruS= CyberSlide which is a combination presentation tool, slideshow and item giver all in one handy and easy-to-configure device. While showing any given slide, educators can have students click on that slide to receive an item to supplement the instruction; it can be an object or notecard that is specific to that particular slide. We have a working demo of the CyberSlide in the =IcaruS= Art Gallery, just inside the main gate, and if you’re interested in purchasing one, it is available on our SL Marketplace shoppe.

We continue to show selections of art in our own gallery inside the castle. Visitors are welcome any time.

=IcaruS= Art Gallery

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January 18, 2012: Blackout Day Protest of SOPA, PIPA

January 17, 2012

In protest of possibly the two worst pieces of cybersecurity legislation ever to be introduced as bills in the United States Congress, a daunting roster of Internet and technology industry heavy hitters have announced a Blackout Day to take place on the 18th of January, 2012. Prominent sites like Wikipedia, Reddit and Boing Boing will go dark for a day.

The bitterly contested bills are known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). Almost from the day they were announced, public reaction was swift and visceral, a furious backlash the likes of which has not been seen since the the political mess in 2003 over implanting copy protection technology into personal computers.

There is another piece of legislation, the OPEN Act, which is a bipartisan, collaborative effort to construct a bill that attempts to do a better job. Whether it does, remains to be seen.

There is no middle ground on these proposed bills.

Educate yourself. You WILL be affected. Follow these links for more information:


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An =IcaruS= New Year

December 31, 2011

As Father Time moves in his inexorable way, timepieces in all worlds continue their forward march. We use clocks to keep track of all sorts of things: time of day, appointments, tasks to be done. Virtual clocks track time, too. At =IcaruS= our clocks can do it in three time zones at once!

=IcaruS= Wall Clock

Both elegant furniture piece and efficient machine – displaying three time zones, date and iconic symbols for AM/PM – fully controllable gentle background ticking and quarterly chimes add a comfortable aural ambiance. The lustrous ebonized wood finish of the cabinet serves as a striking contrast to brass and steel accents. Each clock has two colour styles: a subtle silver/steel on black or a striking gold/brass on black. Powerful, efficient scripting insures all hands and dials are fully functional. Even more remarkable is the unique auto-positioning gridiron pendulum. The pendulum on the =IcaruS= Wall Clock spins gently in one direction, then the other; our Longcase Pendulum Clock’s pendulum swings from side to side.

=IcaruS= Longcase Pendulum Clock

You will love how you can know the time in three different places on the same device. Keep track of SL time, your own RL time, and another time zone – perhaps that of a special someone in your life.

Celebrate the passage of time from one year to the next with =IcaruS=. We’re famous for the quality of our timepieces. Get one of the =IcaruS= clocks and watch as midnight strikes in each of three time zones – and let the wild bells ring out!

Find the =IcaruS= Wall Clock and =IcaruS= Longcase Pendulum Clock on the Second Life Marketplace along with our other fine products.

Wherever/however you celebrate, in real or virtual worlds, we at =IcaruS= (in three different time zones, and in SL, RL, and =IcaruS= RealmS!) wish you a very…



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