Out With Outerlands – Pt. 1 of 4: One Mistake Too Many

April 10, 2011

Outerland estate management has made one mistake too many.

Once Upon A Time I had a custom-built farmhouse on a green mountain. Flowered pastures held a burbly creek that fed into a lake and thru my forest of giant old trees there was a waterfall.

Okay – that “Once Upon A Time” was yesterday. For the first time in weeks, I was able to log into SL and try to remember what I enjoy about it. Sat by the creek for a bit, ordered another flower field (from Melchizedek Blauvelt this time) then went shopping at Lisp and brought home a lovely garden bench. All lovely and normal (in a virtual sense).

Blue Ridge, Nyx House, Back ViewBlue Ridge, Nyx House, Front View

Today – checking e-mail i get a notice from Second Life that a heap of my things have been returned to me by an Outerland Estate Manager. No notice – no explanation.

Logging into my “home” in SL – I found years of building, collecting and landscaping jammed into my Lost & Found and what had been “home” reverted to a neutral landscape with a big “For Sale” sign. The Outerland rep confirmed that this was clearly a mistake – she also confirmed that she could see my monthly payment was made (as it has been FOR FOUR YEARS!) yet she was unable to explain how it happened, offer any solution or demonstrate at all that she even had a clear understanding of what could be done to make the situation better.

Blue Ridge No More

So – Outerland loses one rental – no big deal for them. Right? Well, there is more to this story and we’re gonna tell it.

UPDATE: The region is restored – but the verdict is still out.

- Nyx


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=IcaruS= New Release: Medieval Pub

April 8, 2011

=IcaruS= Medieval Pub, front viewIn keeping with our pursuit of all things Medieval in one of our current Metaverse projects, we’ve released our latest creation – built in the Tudor architectural style, it’s a pub, a cozy gathering place for friends to meet and share news of the day with a toast or two.

The pub is available with or without a cellar. If you get the cellar version, it is best placed on a hill, with the cellar below ground at front and open at back; the no-cellar version can be placed on flat land.

=IcaruS= Medieval Pub, rear view There are many more details about this latest creation from =IcaruS= – read more in the description and if you like, buy it, on the SL Marketplace:

=IcaruS= Medieval Pub With Cellar on SL Marketplace

=IcaruS= Medieval Pub Without Cellar on SL Marketplace

If you’d like an up-close look before you buy, see our model here:
Model of =IcaruS= Medieval Pub in Second Life


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NEW! =I= SmartArt Lite Copy Version

April 1, 2011

A New Release

=IcaruS= HouseWe have released a COPY version of our =I= SmartArt Lite. As its name says, it’s a lightweight model of our SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame, a single prim in a slimly elegant black frame, with the following popular features of the full-version SmartArt.


- easily add by sliding images from inventory onto the face of frame (owner-only or anyone)
- cycle through pictures at a rate you set, or no cycling at all
- pre-cached pictures = no in-between blur!
- snap transitions or fade to black in between pictures
- optional full bright backlight
- resizable

=I= SmartArt Lite

You can see the =I= SmartArt Lite at =IcaruS= HQ or find it on the Second Life Marketplace.


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