Perfect Holiday Gift: A Watch made by =IcaruS=

Known for impeccable quality of workmanship, an =IcaruS= watch is a favourite at Christmastime. Beautifully designed and perfectly calibrated, such a gift is sure to please!

We have ladies’, men’s and couples sets, in three styles (Chelsea, Milan, and Monaco) and two time modes (Primo and Triton).

=IcaruS= Chelsea Primo Couples Set=IcaruS= Milan Triton Couples Set

Our best-selling Monaco Triton couples watch set is especially well-suited to couples who live in different parts of the world – you can synchronise your watches to each of your time zones, and perhaps also to SL time. You need never miss a planned meetup again!

=IcaruS= Monaco Triton Couples Set

Visit =IcaruS= HQ in Magna Carta for a close-up look at our watches, or select one from our shoppe on the Second Life Marketplace.


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