Below is a selection from our portfolio demonstrating a range in styles of photography, texture creation for various 3D needs, builds and products from virtual worlds, print examples and stills from various videos. There are also some video examples detailing previous work, including CGI and 3D effects. Contact us for more information on what we could do to help you.

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A collection of original photography of Interiors, Buildings, Landscapes, Action, Macro, Night and Stock styles.


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Created in 2014 to feature the game ‘No1’s Dice’ as part of promotional content for their web presence.

The client provided a PDF of their logo; we applied this to a custom-built 3D dice in a relief form. The animation was created using physics dynamics in a 3D package and output in various formats for the client to use in promoting the game on social media and their website.

This is a machinema created in Second Life to promote the International Schools Island (ISI), an education resource centre for virtual world users.

It is a condensed version of a 15-minute piece that was used to show what features and resources were available at ISI. this is one of several machinemas created for the client. Some were part live, part recorded for use by the client in a TED Talk to promote distance learning using a virtual world medium.

This was part of a campaign by Envirowise to make aware the problems of tyre dumping and its associated hazards.

It was accompanied by printed literature to be shown to various small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to increase awareness of the dangers of tyre storage and its environmental impact. The client provided a PDF of their logo and the video was created from that with the 3D elements developed in a 3D package and Adobe After Effects.

This Waste Data Management Strategy video was created for distribution throughout the United Kingdom in print, video and interactive CD (2006).

The CD contained several instructional videos along with an interactive quiz and documentation that could be used on screen or printed out. The CD cover theme was used throughout the series range of products for branding purposes.

This was part of a demonstration video explaining ground water pollution as part of a educational video for the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

This is a series of 3D animations used throughout the full video accompanied with voice-over to give a graphical demonstration of likely pulution risks for industries such as food processing. A generic factory/plant was created in 3D to make it possible to create various animations, interior and exterior for any demonstration that may be needed

Used at SIGGRAPH to promote ‘Viewpoint’ online 3d models

The client, Viewpoint, wanted to show their new technology that displayed ‘live’ 3D models on websites without the need for any plugins or additional software (this is prior to the current HTML standards). They used models created by IcaruS as examples. Along with this we produced a video to display at their stand at SIGGRAPH. This is part of the video, showing low-poly models created by IcaruS and made available by Viewpoint as part of a stock of models for purchase to be used in various ways. The video demonstrates the use of these simple models in an example scenario animation.

Created in Second life as part of a pre-visualisation for a possible TV pilot. The build was used to evaluate plot space, resources and layout options. The client gave us a rough sketch of the layout they wanted for the set. Once the set was built virtually, it was possible for the client to easIly visualize what set changes could be altered to avoid costly modifications later, once the actual set was built.