In the spirit of Medieval Europe we say, well met and welcome to =IcaruS= Realms! Our world can be your world – to explore, create and inspire!

Make =IcaruS= Realms Your Home World
Become a member of our =IcaruS= Realms community. Get inspired and have your own virtual home to build and create, for just yourself or to share with other explorers of the Metaverse. Visit other grids, then come back to relax, play and create in your own corner of the Metaverse.

For Explorers
Metaverse pioneers are invited to become members of our Icarian community, to immerse themselves, experience and share informative, fun, interactive, and historical themed displays and sites.

For Creators
Love to share your creativity? Enjoy playing with building blocks, experimenting with shapes, colours, textures? Fascinated with the world of lords, ladies, castles and ancient settlements? Join =IcaruS= Realms with a land owning account and begin building your piece of virtual history.

For Visitors
If you are already in a Metaverse grid, pay us a visit! Our hypergrid address is secondlife:// Let us know your impressions; we’re always building new and fun things to experience in our part of the Metaverse.

Powered by OpenSim, =IcaruS= RealmS is hosted on ROBUST dedicated servers with Quadcore 3Ghz 64bit OS, 4GB memory and RAID-HDD. Hypergrid visitors to =IcaruS= RealmS will land in the main region of Athena, where they can explore the old Iron Age village, the Medieval town and dock, and =IcaruS= Castle. Hypergrid teleports have been placed to reach all OpenSim ranges in the Metaverse.

Become an Icarian – Be Inspired!

A Home Base in =IcaruS= RealmS
Metaverse pioneers, adventurers, and intrepid explorers – if you want to try out an OpenSim grid, you are welcome to join our adventure and establish a home base to jump to and fro, without the hassle of creating your own grid. We have placed hypergrid entry/exit points on some of the islands in our world which cover the 4096 ranges in the Metaverse. We invite you to join our =IcaruS= RealmS community. With your membership and a home base in our Icarian community, you can come and go throughout the Metaverse with ease.

Having a home base keeps you grounded. It’s a familiar place. After exploring strange new worlds, it’s nice to come back to relax, play and create. We at =IcaruS= are usually out and about in Second Life, in other grids and wherever we find something of interest in the Metaverse, but we always come back to home base in =IcaruS= RealmS.

History – Past, Present and Future
Of late, we have been on an historical kick on our public grid, bringing Prehistoric, Greek, Roman, Medieval and other influences into our builds. We also plan to develop some futuristic builds as well, similar to the more contemporary work we have done on our private grids.

=IcaruS= Quality
Maintaining a virtual world on our own servers is a constantly developing and ever-changing endeavor with a watchful eye on the next update to come and what improvements that may bring. Between updates, we always try to maximise the capabilities of the current version.

At =IcaruS=, we have never been in the business of quantity over quality. With =IcaruS= RealmS we continue that tradition. It is our philosophy to foster a select, well-knit, and vibrant community in =IcaruS= RealmS, always keeping growth within our means and on a solid, sustainable foundation.

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