Share Your Special Moments with =IcaruS= SmartArt or CyberSlide!

Sharing memories with friends and neighbours is easy with the =IcaruS= SmartArt, SmartArt Lite or CyberSlide display devices.

=IcaruS= SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame=IcaruS= SmartArt Lite=IcaruS= CyberSlide

With the SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame, you can choose from three different frame styles (Chelsea, Sheffield, and Monaco) and colours (including white and various metals) for a unique look all your own.

The SmartArt Lite sports a slick and clean black frame and is a simpler cousin to the original SmartArt but with the same smooth, low-lag script and sharp image display features.

The CyberSlide a favourite of presenters and educators and popular with anyone wanting a photo/information dispenser in their home or office. It’s a clever way to share your holiday memories, wishes and dreams with others as well as lecture notes and visual aids for presentations. A truly versatile information management and sharing tool for virtual environments.

Any of these products, among many others from =IcaruS=, will make a lovely gift to warm the hearts of friends, neighbours and special someones! Visit our Metaverse Headquarters for a close-up look, or check them out on the Second Life Marketplace at the links given above.

=IcaruS= House Winter 2011

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