=I= NetConnect (Low Prim)

=I= NetConnect (Low Prim)

If you’ve tested the demo and would like to buy the full version, you can find it at =IcaruS= HQ or the SL Marketplace.

Thank you for purchasing the =I= NetConnect Low Prim version! Our new, improved low prim (only 6 prims) design means customising your =I= NetConnect is now easier than ever!

You can set up to twelve icons for your addresses on the =I= NetConnect Panel. When a tile is clicked, the address will appear in Nearby (Local) Chat to be clicked for viewing in a Web browser.

We have a bonus for SL Viewer 2.x users: The =I= NetConnect Display Screen, which actually shows each website as it is selected on the Panel in-world, opening up a myriad of exciting cross-platform multimedia possibilities. The following social network icons are currently available on the =I= NetConnect (Low Prim). You can also set tiles to "custom" addresses, or make them blank – you don't even have to use all twelve spaces on the Panel.

Email, Facebook, Flickr, KoinUP, last.fm, LinkedIn, MySpace, Posterous, Quicktime, RSS, Second Friends, Subscribomatic, Twitter, Vimeo, Webpage, SL Marketplace, YouTube and more…

Both the =I= NetConnect Panel and the =I= NetConnect Screen are copy/mod to resize and style as you wish.


To use: Rez the panel (and screen for v2 users), click an icon to see a link to webpage in local chat if the screen is also set out the page will also show on that.

To customise: click title at top, select START button from menu click on an icon, select new icon from menu type (or cut & paste) in new address (URL) in local chat repeat till done click title and select STOP.

To back up customisation: click title at top, select CONFIG>BACKUP copy output from local chat paste into ‘setup’ notecard in the contents of panel click title at top and select CONFIG>READ to load new config from card.

To add your own icons for use: create desired image using your favorite graphics program, upload it to SL, find and select the new icon image in inventory, right-click and select ‘copy UUID’ in ‘setup’ card in the panel, paste in the uuid at bottom after custom^, add a name for it after name^, then select CONFIG>READ. (For best image results, use 512×512 resolution in PNG format.)

To resize the panel or screen: right click on the panel or screen, select ‘Edit’ and use either of the following two ways:

  • If you know the dimensions to resize the panel or screen, use this method. In the Edit window, find the ‘Object’ button and click it. This will bring up the object information panel in the Edit window. Under ‘Size (meters)’, you will see the X, Y and Z coordinates for the dimensions. Input the new dimensions, tabbing to the next coordinate field, until you have entered all three coordinates as desired. Close the Edit window.
  • In the top section of the Edit window, select ‘Stretch’, then make sure the “Stretch both sides” option on the upper right side of the Edit window is NOT ticked. Click and drag a corner of the panel or screen to the desired size. Close the Edit window.

If you do not use all twelve icons, you can resize the panel only, to fit the number of icons/buttons you have on it. To do this:

  • Go into Edit mode by right-clicking on the panel, then tick the “Edit Linked Parts” box, in the top portion of the Edit window.
  • Click on the back of the panel to select it.
  • Select “Stretch” in the top section of the Edit window, then click and drag one of the coloured boxes that appear around the panel, to size it to your desired dimensions.
  • Close the Edit window.

To customise the logo on the =I= NetConnect Screen:

  • Right click on the screen and click “Edit” to bring up the edit window, then go to the Texture tab.
  • Find and click “Select Face” near top left, then click in the Texture box where you see the default =IcaruS= logo.
  • This will bring up the texture selection list. Find and select your desired logo image, and click OK.
  • Close the edit window.

To use the =I= NetConnect (Low Prim):

Using the =I= NetConnect (Low Prim)Select an icon and you will see a link to the webpage in local chat.

The webpage will also appear on the screen if it is set out.

Output option – you can set output to local chat or IM

Screen Lock option – you can set the screen to be configured by Anyone, Owner, Group, or Selected Person

Using the Screen:

The =I= NetConnect Screen is for users of the Second Life Viewer 2.x series and compatible third party viewers such as Kirsten’s Viewer. These settings will enable you to use the Screen.

  • Go to Me->Preferences->Media Enabled
  • Toggle Pause/Play at Top Right of the viewer window
  • Click on the screen to initiate
  • Be sure your Web browser is Flash enabled



Rez the =I= NetConnect Panel and, if you are using SL Viewer 2.x (or a compatible third party viewer), the =I= NetConnect Display Screen. When your =I= NetConnect Panel is fully initialised, you will see the text, "To customise, click the top title of the Panel, then 'Start' from menu". Important: When you rez your =I= NetConnect (Low Prim), be sure you are wearing the appropriate group tag for the land you are on, and that you can run scripts. This will set the group for the Panel and Display Screen. To check this, right-click the Panel and/or the Display Screen to go into edit mode, then look at the Group on the General tab.


The NetConnect Panel at first rez If this is the first time you have used the =I= NetConnect, the =I= NetConnect Panel will rez with default =IcaruS= social network icons and addresses pre-set for you. The benefit of this is to show you how the Panel should appear: up to twelve icons, each set to a specific Web address, or blank. If you wish to make changes to the Panel, start with Customising your =I= NetConnect Panel.


The NetConnect Panel, cleared If you are familiar with the =I= NetConnect (Low Prim) – ie., this is an additional Panel you have purchased to add more social network icons (Yes! You can have more than one =I= NetConnect (Low Prim) Panel!), you can clear the entire Panel and place your desired social network icons and addresses. Simply follow these steps.
  1. Click on the top of the panel to open the Main Menu.
  2. Click the CONFIG button to open the next menu.
  3. Click the Clear button.

This will clear your Panel of all icons, to let you enter your own selections. You can continue below.


All settings are made through the =I= NetConnect Panel. You can customise any or all of the icons on your =I= NetConnect Panel. Simply follow the steps below. We recommend you have your links ready to copy & paste before you begin customising. There is a three-minute time limit to enter an URL for an icon.

Start Configuring the =I= NetConnect Panel Click on the top of the Panel, to open the Main Menu.
The Panel Text Turns Red Click the Start button to begin. The text at the top of the Panel will be red while you are in configuration mode.
Select from the Icon Menu Click an icon on the NetConnect panel, then select a new network icon from the menu.
Select from the Icons Menu Type in (or copy & paste) the new address (URL) in local chat, in the format "http://www.whateverurl.com".

Repeat until you’ve configured all your networks or sites. Click on the NetConnect Title on the panel again and select STOP from the menu.

Note that during this process, you will see confirmation messages in Nearby (Local) Chat.

To permanently save your panel configuration, see the section titled BACKING UP YOUR CUSTOMISATION.

To add and set custom icons and addresses, please continue to the next section.


You can create and add your own custom icons to correspond to desired websites. This gives the =I= NetConnect (Low Prim) added power and flexibility for you and opens up some wonderful possibilities. When creating the texture for your custom icon in your graphics program, use 512×512 resolution and a square shape. Save it as a PNG file before uploading it to SL.

  1. Select a new icon image in your inventory, right-click & select ‘copy UUID’
  2. Right-click on the NetConnect panel to go into Edit mode and click the Contents tab
  3. Open the ‘setup’ notecard and paste the UUID into the notecard, at the bottom after ‘custom’
  4. Add a name for it after ‘name’
  5. Select CONFIG in the menu, then READ.

Choose CUSTOM from the Icons MenuTo use a custom icon, select the ‘CUSTOM’ option in the network choices menu during the configuration process. In local chat, enter the number corresponding to the custom network you want to use.

To permanently save the custom configuration, please refer to the section titled BACKING UP YOUR CUSTOMISATION.


If you have NOT saved (backed up) your customisation, you can restore the previous configuration of your Panel

  1. Click on the top of the Panel, to open the Main Menu.
  2. Click CONFIG, then READ.

This will reset your Panel with the icons that were in the last saved configuration.


This is useful when you wish to completely remove all icons from your Panel and create a new configuration of icons and addresses.

  1. Click on the top of the Panel, to open the Main Menu.
  2. Click CONFIG, then Clear.

This will clear your Panel of all icons.


This will permanently store your configuration of =I= NetConnect Panel icons and addresses. We recommend that you have your Nearby (Local) Chat preference set to plain text (in Viewer 2.x: Me ->Preferences ->Chat, tick the box next to "Enable plain text chat history"). When you are satisfied with your customisations, follow these steps.

Start Configuring the =I= NetConnect Panel Click the =I= NetConnect title at the top of the Panel.
Menu Configuration Options Click CONFIG, then Backup.
Copy from Local Chat Copy output from local chat.
Paste into Setup Notecard Paste into the ‘setup’ notecard and save it in the contents of the panel.

Select title at top of the panel again, and select CONFIG, then READ to load the new configuration from the setup card.


Menu Configuration Options

Select CONFIG, then one of the following options.

  • Colour – set the colour of the panel using RGB values
  • Clear – clears the panel of the current configuration
  • Read – reads in your saved configuration from the Setup notecard
  • Backup – permanently saves your new configuration
  • Permissions – sets who can input configuration information into local chat: Owner or Anyone
  • Output – sets output to go to local chat or IM
  • Screen – allows Select(ed Person), Owner or Anyone to display selected icons to the screen

You can create multiple setup cards for multiple configurations.

Custom Logo Paste into Setup Notecard

Set-up Scenarios:

  • For presentations like this – it can be set to Owner-only control.
  • In a small group or as a permanent in-world display, it can be set for use by anyone.
  • In a crowd or concert, it can be set to only give URL information in IM to the user who clicks, while the screen stays on Owners setting.


Default LL Viewer Shared Media settings to set permissions for navigation and interactivity:

Default LL Viewer Shared Media Settings Select Face, Select Texture, Select Cog


Auto-Zoom & Auto Play Options Set options to Auto Zoom & Auto Play

Media Settings –> Customise:

Options to Allow Navigation & Show Control Bar Options to Allow Navigation & Show Control Bar


Finally, you are ready to use your =I= NetConnect (Low Prim). It's easy! Simply click on a tile with the icon for the social network or website you wish to view. When you click a button, it will flash briefly. You can take advantage of the viewer's shared media capability with the =I= NetConnect Display Screen. When you click on an icon on the =I= NetConnect Panel, the =I= NetConnect Display Screen will show the selected website or social network site. To see the Screen using the viewer:

  • Go to Me->Preferences->Media Enabled
  • Toggle Pause/Play at Top Right of the viewer window
  • Click on the screen to initiate
  • Be sure your Web browser is Flash enabled

If sometimes a selected site does not appear on the =I= NetConnect Display Screen, there are two possible solutions:

• Move your mouse over the Display Screen, until the toolbar appears above it. Click the zoom icon, which is second from the right on the toolbar, and looks like a magnifying glass with a 'plus' symbol in it. This will zoom your view closer and the screen should then show the desired site on it.

• At the top right corner of your viewer screen (may be in another location on other Shared Media capable viewers), click the icon to pause all media, then click it again to restart it, then select an icon on the =I= NetConnect Panel.

Additionally, there are other factors beyond our control. Please note: Shared Media displays are relevant to each person viewing; while some sites will show for you, they may not for others, depending on several factors such as media setting country of viewer, lag/cache or the user's Shared Media settings.

Note: we suggest Event Coordinators and Musicians use =I= NetConnect Board and Screen with Output option set to IM (default) and Screen Permissions set to Owner or Selected Person (rather than Anyone).