=I= Primo Wristwatches

=I= Milan/Chelsea/Monaco Primo Wristwatches

=I= Chelsea Primo Watch, for the Hip and Savvy =I= Milan Primo Watch, for the Stylish and Urbane =I= Monaco Primo Watch



Select your new IcaruS boxed watch in Inventory. Rez in-world by clicking and dragging the watch package from your inventory onto the ground. Left click on the package. Choose “Copy to Inventory.” Locate the new IcaruS folder in Inventory. Select the watch and/or the HUD. Right-click select “Wear”.

The IcaruS HUD default position is to the center of your screen. Select your preferred position by right-clicking, choosing EDIT, then using the coloured arrows to move the HUD into position. The HUD will retain your new position every time you are in-world.

The IcaruS watch itself can be positioned on your wrist in a similar way. The default position is left wrist, right-side up to you, the viewer.

Included in your folder is an adjustment stand to help you position detailed items. Rez it on the ground, click and stand. Now you can select your watch and fine-tune its fit.


Left click on the strap of your new watch to access the main watch configuration menu. From there, you can select the following menus:

=I= Primo Watch Size Menu =I= Primo Watch Colour Menu =I= Primo Strap Position Menu


Once you are happy with the fitting, you can then set your watch to the timezone you want.

  • Click each button on the right of the face to set the corresponding hand.
  • Default times are GMT, EST & PST/SLT.
  • The watch will re-set itself if you go from a no-script zone to a scripts-allowed zone, but if you are impatient – click the watch face.

For more detailed configuration, use Channel 101 in Public Chat (Please use all lowercase when giving commands in local chat)

To set Hour Hand:
(where number entered is amount offset GMT
eg: offset1 1 is GMT, offset1 -5 is EST, offset1 -8 is PST/SLT)

Example: /101 offset1 1

To set the Second Hand:
(where the timer gap is how often the second hand synchronizes
eg: timergap = 1 is every second, timergap = 60 is once a minute – lower lag)
Example: /101 timergap 5

To set Chimes:
(1=On, 0=Off – Where Chime 1 is Hourly, Chime 2 is Quarterly)
Examples: /101 chime1 1
/101 chime2 1

To set Chime volume:
(Where 1.0 = Full, 0.1 = Quiet)
Example: /101 volume 0.5

To set Daylight Savings Time: (0, -1 or 1 for eg)
Example: /101 dst 1


To turn Flash on or off:
(where 0 = Off, 1 = On)

Example: /101 switch 1

To set size of Flash begin:
(where size range is 0.04 max, 0.10 min)

Example: /101 flashstart 0.04

To set size of Flash end:

Example: /101 flashend 0.03

To set Flash Timing:
(where # = seconds between flashes
and flashrate = 0 enabled random rates
eg/ flashrate = 30 is every 30 seconds)

Example: /101 flashrate 0

IF Flash Rate set to Random,
To set Min & Max Timing:
(where # = seconds 1-60)

Example: /101 min 1


/101 max 30


The Base Station is useful to globally control settings on all the IcaruS watches & HUDS you own. If you configure one of your watches with the Base Station, you configure them all.

If you prefer greater control, rez the Base Station, open the Configuration card and make your choices lasting. Allows the option for you to rename and save multiple base stations with different settings.

The watch box dispenses additional base stations as well as copies of this instruction card.


Auto Detects GMT Time and Date
Auto Resets watch times when shifting from Non-Script to Scripted Sims

Enjoy setting your own configurations?
IcaruS offers multiple methods: Click the watch, or Chat Command, or detail Configuration Card
Set one IcaruS watch or HUD, all synchronize to your choices.


Colours – seven precious metal choices
Sizing – easy menu-driven sizing
Hour Hands – accurately synchronize to any time zone
Second Hand – precision or low-lag animation
Chimes – hourly and quarterly, volume controlled
Date – rotating dial calibrated to allow for days, months & leap years
Flash – choose the amount and timing that suits your style


Optimised Scripts – Powerful centralized scripting guarantees maximum performance, avoiding unnecessary grind on external resources
Nanoprim Hands – Hand-crafted nanoprim hands operate elegantly with clarity and depth, without nasty alpha texture issues
MinPrim MaxDetail – Every dial and button functional – efficient and accurate
Precision without lag-inducing high prim counts


HUD Clock – Resizable HUD clock – identical to your wristwatch – allows you to easily see your choice of time zones right on your monitor or rez in-world as a wall clock (OR a gift for the special someone who loses track of time.)
Presentation Box – with functional display watch – for the dresser or night stand of the watch connoisseur
Base Station – Globally controls settings on all the IcaruS watches & HUDS you own.
Adjustment Stand – Multi-Pose. Very handy for sorting all kinds of details.


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