=I= SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame

Now, there’s no need to choose between brains and beauty.  =IcaruS= brings you both in the elegant, powerful SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame, perfect for home to share your memories or business to use for advertising.  Thanks to pre-cached graphics, you see sharp, clear pictures as they transition, and the low rendering cost causes no added lag.

You can customise the following features of your SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame:

=I= SmartArt Frame Menu
=I+ SmartArt Display Menu
Aspect Options
=I= SmartArt Aspect Options
=I= SmartArt Time Transition Options
Logo Option
Colour Options
Color Options
Shuffle Options
Shuffle Options
Size Options
Size Options
Backlighting On
Backlight On
Backlighting Off
Backlight Off

There are three styles of the SmartArt, with the differences being in the frame styles and corresponding prices:

  • Chelsea, with a selection of wood frame textures
  • Sheffield, offers a choice of seven different metal frame textures
  • Monaco, offers the same frame textures as the Sheffield, but the frame is beveled

Customising your SmartArt

Click anywhere on the frame to begin customising your SmartArt.  A menu will appear with three choices: Display, Frame, and Config.  Note: If you are idle longer than two minutes without making changes to your SmartArt, it will timeout.  Simply click the frame to start again.

Display Options:

  • Cycle Timing – multiple preset choices (or customize in config card)
  • Lighting – choice to back light or not
  • Fade Transition Wipe Choices – options to snap between pictures (NO grey goo!), or choose a preset colour transition wipe, custom colour or an image/logo of your choice
  • Shuffle – Alphabetical Order or Random
  • Logo – sets your logo or other image you specify to use as a wipe between pictures

Frame Options:

  • ASPECT RATIOS (Select your desired aspect AFTER sizing):
    Square Aspect Portrait Aspect Landscape Aspect
  • FRAME COLOUR (Frame colour options depend on your SmartArt model):
    • CHELSEA (Pine, Beech, Whitewash, Mahogany, Oak)
      Chelsea Pine Frame Chelsea Beech Frame Chelsea Whitewash Frame Chelsea Mahogany Frame Chelsea Oak Frame
    • MONACO AND SHEFFIELD (Black, Bronze, Brass, Cream, Gold, Silver)
      Monaco/Sheffield Black Frame Monaco/Sheffield Bronze Frame Monaco/Sheffield Brass Frame Monaco/Sheffield Cream Frame Monaco/Sheffield Gold Frame Monaco/Sheffield Silver Frame
  • PRESET SIZE OPTIONS (TableTop, Wall Frame, Poster & Marquee with the ability to size in finer detail)

Configuration Options:

  • Backup – puts contents into a folder in your inventory, permissions allowing
  • Lock Options for using menus – Owner, Group, Anyone: turns on or off permissions for adding pictures to the SmartArt via CTRL+Drag
  • Delete – remove an individual image or item, or all images
  • Giver – set to dispense a landmark, image or notecard to your specifications, and a choice of giving only when the frame is clicked, or anywhere on the picture
  • Settings – Give dispenses a copy of the current Configuration card to make permanent changes; Delete erases the old Configuration card in frame contents to let you Ctrl+Drag the revised Configuration card from your inventory onto the picture; Read checks for the presence of a new Configuration card and also serves as a Reset to your default settings.
  • Reset – restores settings to IcaruS factory defaults


If you have additional questions that are not addressed in this tutorial, please contact us at icarus (dot) contact (at) icarusstudios.co.ok or use the contact button on the left side of your screen.

=IcaruS= SmartArt ©LeonTubrok Beaumont