=IcaruS= Beatrice Carriage Clock

=IcaruS= Mesh Carriage Clock - BeatriceBecome the proud owner of a lovely tabletop timepiece in the 19th century carriage clock tradition, perfect for any room in your home, office or historical center. Keeps time once set. 100% mesh. The clock has a plaque that you can add any texture on for an inscription, great as a gift.

This clock takes its place in our line of =IcaruS= timekeeping products. See our other clocks and watches, available on the Second Life Marketplace or in world at our Metaverse Headquarters.

Note: While the permissions say the clock is not modifiable, that is only due to the scripts; you will be able to modify the clock and plaque texture as desired.

Two clocks included: a copy-modify version and a modify-transfer version for use as a gift.

How to Use:

Once the clock is fully rezzed out, it will say “initialization complete” in nearby chat.
Touch the handle to set the clock to your desired time.

To add an inscription to the plaque:

  • Right-click on the clock to go into edit mode.
  • Find the Contents tab and drag your texture into the contents of the clock.
  • Close the edit window and click on the front of the plaque.
  • Your texture will appear on the plaque.

Note: Make sure the texture is full perm. You can also grab a copy of the texture within the contents of the clock to use as your template. Modify as needed, rename the texture, then drop it back into the clock.

Includes BOTH copy/modify/no transfer and no copy/modify/transfer (you will be able to gift it ONCE).

Time and Volume Settings

Chat commands use channel 101.

Example to change time: /101 offset1 -1
(Set time one hour back)

To set chime volume: /101 volume 0.5
(Where 1.0 = Full, 0.1 = Quiet, default is 1.0)