At =IcaruS=, February Is For Lovers

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! To celebrate, we are offering our =IcaruS= couples watch sets on sale at 50 percent off our regular price – if purchased from the vendor at the shoppe in our castle at Magna Carta, Avalon Town. The same items sell at their regular prices on our shoppe on the Second Life Marketplace. Below you’ll see a list of the different his & hers watch sets we have available and their prices.

=IcaruS= Monaco Triton Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$1000
Marketplace: L$2000
=IcaruS= Milan Triton Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$750
Marketplace: L$1500
=I= Chelsea Triton Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$625
Marketplace: L$1250
=IcaruS= Monaco Primo Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$700
Marketplace: L$1400
=IcaruS= Milan Primo Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$500
Marketplace: L$1000
=IcaruS= Chelsea Primo Couples Watch Set
In-shop price: L$400
Marketplace: L$800

Which set is right for you?
Each style – Monaco, Milan and Chelsea – has unique style characteristics; we have styles to suit almost any taste, from the ultimate in luxury to easy casual. See all three styles on the vendor at our castle for a closer look before you decide.

Additionally, you have a choice between the Primo and Triton models. The difference between the two is that the Primo watches show you the time in the wearer’s part of the world; the Triton watches can tell time in up to three zones! For those lovers in different time zones, this is especially desirable.

Come and See Our Watches
When you come to our castle to see the watches, you’ll land just outside the main gate. Once you’ve rezzed, walk through the gate, up the curved stairway and through the main entrance, then inside you’ll see a glass case with a display of our watches.

=IcaruS= House Main GateStairs to Main Entrance at =IcaruS==IcaruS= Shoppe Watch Vendor

Imagine the delight of your sweetheart when you present a beautiful matching pair of watches as a gift this Valentine’s Day – we are sure you will both love wearing and using them!

An =IcaruS= New Year

As Father Time moves in his inexorable way, timepieces in all worlds continue their forward march. We use clocks to keep track of all sorts of things: time of day, appointments, tasks to be done. Virtual clocks track time, too. At =IcaruS= our clocks can do it in three time zones at once!

=IcaruS= Wall Clock

Both elegant furniture piece and efficient machine – displaying three time zones, date and iconic symbols for AM/PM – fully controllable gentle background ticking and quarterly chimes add a comfortable aural ambiance. The lustrous ebonized wood finish of the cabinet serves as a striking contrast to brass and steel accents. Each clock has two colour styles: a subtle silver/steel on black or a striking gold/brass on black. Powerful, efficient scripting insures all hands and dials are fully functional. Even more remarkable is the unique auto-positioning gridiron pendulum. The pendulum on the =IcaruS= Wall Clock spins gently in one direction, then the other; our Longcase Pendulum Clock’s pendulum swings from side to side.

=IcaruS= Longcase Pendulum Clock

You will love how you can know the time in three different places on the same device. Keep track of SL time, your own RL time, and another time zone – perhaps that of a special someone in your life.

Celebrate the passage of time from one year to the next with =IcaruS=. We’re famous for the quality of our timepieces. Get one of the =IcaruS= clocks and watch as midnight strikes in each of three time zones – and let the wild bells ring out!

Find the =IcaruS= Wall Clock and =IcaruS= Longcase Pendulum Clock on the Second Life Marketplace along with our other fine products.

Wherever/however you celebrate, in real or virtual worlds, we at =IcaruS= (in three different time zones, and in SL, RL, and =IcaruS= RealmS!) wish you a very…


Share Your Special Moments with =IcaruS= SmartArt or CyberSlide!

Sharing memories with friends and neighbours is easy with the =IcaruS= SmartArt, SmartArt Lite or CyberSlide display devices.

=IcaruS= SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame=IcaruS= SmartArt Lite=IcaruS= CyberSlide

With the SmartArt Slideshow Picture Frame, you can choose from three different frame styles (Chelsea, Sheffield, and Monaco) and colours (including white and various metals) for a unique look all your own.

The SmartArt Lite sports a slick and clean black frame and is a simpler cousin to the original SmartArt but with the same smooth, low-lag script and sharp image display features.

The CyberSlide a favourite of presenters and educators and popular with anyone wanting a photo/information dispenser in their home or office. It’s a clever way to share your holiday memories, wishes and dreams with others as well as lecture notes and visual aids for presentations. A truly versatile information management and sharing tool for virtual environments.

Any of these products, among many others from =IcaruS=, will make a lovely gift to warm the hearts of friends, neighbours and special someones! Visit our Metaverse Headquarters for a close-up look, or check them out on the Second Life Marketplace at the links given above.

=IcaruS= House Winter 2011

Perfect Holiday Gift: A Watch made by =IcaruS=

Known for impeccable quality of workmanship, an =IcaruS= watch is a favourite at Christmastime. Beautifully designed and perfectly calibrated, such a gift is sure to please!

We have ladies’, men’s and couples sets, in three styles (Chelsea, Milan, and Monaco) and two time modes (Primo and Triton).

=IcaruS= Chelsea Primo Couples Set=IcaruS= Milan Triton Couples Set

Our best-selling Monaco Triton couples watch set is especially well-suited to couples who live in different parts of the world – you can synchronise your watches to each of your time zones, and perhaps also to SL time. You need never miss a planned meetup again!

=IcaruS= Monaco Triton Couples Set

Visit =IcaruS= HQ in Magna Carta for a close-up look at our watches, or select one from our shoppe on the Second Life Marketplace.

=IcaruS= Chiminea: “Copper and Brass, Come Warm Your…”

After a great snowball fight, or building snowmen – or even a few figure-eights on the ice-skating rink, a chiminea is the perfect thing to make those chilled pixels nice and toasty: the crackling glow of red-hot coals in your garden or outside your woodland home.

=IcaruS= Chiminea at Home=IcaruS= Chiminea at HQ

The =IcaruS= Chiminea comes with three comfy poses for friends to come and curl up near its warmth. Elegant design, efficiently scripted.

Get your =IcaruS= Chiminea and share a bit of warmth this winter.