Things Change

May 13, 2014

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Touch screen smartphones have become ubiquitous and seem to have established a standard interface. Gone on the whole are keyboards for these; a smooth, simple screen seems to be a better option for use, right? But let’s think back to other ubiquitous devices […]


Smart TV / Mini PC – Why It’s the Best $50 You Will Spend

October 15, 2013

These days there’s not much you can get for less than £30/$50 that’s actually really useful, but a Mini PC is the exception. There are lots of reasons why we think you will want one besides just the ridiculously low price. The Mini PC is about the same size as a Google TV/Chromecast (about 1 […]


Simple Tip: Send Big Files Easily

August 6, 2013

Have you ever needed to send big files like videos such as machinima or backup zips but they were too big to send on email or Skype? Or perhaps your intended recipient was not FTP savvy? By far the easiest way to do this is with JustBeamIt. All you do is drag and drop your […]

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